What I Do

I play soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones; electronic wind instrument (EWI); vocals; laptop. Composer, arranger, producer, record label owner. Toured several continents; studied and played with many great musicians; appeared on numerous recordings; composed music for games, film and television.

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I'm available for free-lance gigs, and also have a jazz group available for booking. I also do soundtracks and session work. How does it work? You send me your tracks via DropBox, I'll lay saxes on them. Or make music for your film or other media. Market rates, reasonable, professional.

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  • Performing
  • Recording
  • Composing
  • Arranging


Composing & arranging
I've written music for opera, games, film and television. My music has been on the BBC ("The Driver") and famous computer games ("Lego Island"). Let's talk about the soundtrack for your next project.
Big sound library
I have an extensive library of found sounds, loops and original creations, and I'm adding to it all the time. Stay tuned for weird and wonderful sounds coming from my studio.
Laptop Performance
I have a live solo act with vocals, saxophones, EWI and laptop, where I do live looping and improvisation as well as performing songs from various original projects.
I've got some ideas
I'm an experienced pro who has been involved with a wide variety of musical projects in many different genres. I may just have the right idea to lift your event or project to the next level.
I'm known for my professionalism and hard work ethic. I'll do the homework, learn the tunes and show up for the gig on time. For session work and soundtracks, I'll deliver the project in a timely fashion.
Happy Customers
Whether acting as a sideman for a band, delivering saxophone tracks for recordings or soundtracks for sync deals, I've left behind a trail of happy customers. References available on request.

David Barrows

(playing in north London)